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Gabor Degre: 2014 year in review

At the BDN we try and encourage our employees to integrate their self interests into the work they do as much as they can. It turns us into specialists in our field and at the end of the day, the work is just better. As an avid white water kayaker and outdoorsman who also happens to love Maine’s farming community, photographer Gabor Degre is no exception to that rule

This year he covered a story about white water kayakers who run Smalls Falls, a series of six waterfalls on the Sandy River. He spent a few days on the Martin Farm in the county photographing the back breaking work of hand picking potatoes during harvest. Degre also joined an expedition to trace Henry David Thoreau’s route he took through Maine 150 years ago.

These are examples of the perks of our jobs and the reasons why we do it. There are a lot of people in the U.S. that are unhappy with their jobs and to that group of americans our advice is simple.

“Do what you love and love what you do.”

Here are a few of Degre’s images from throughout 2014.