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A giant moon, storm devastation and Maine islanders: Brian Feulner’s photos of 2014

2014 was an incredible year to be a photographer at the BDN. We produced several digital projects and had the opportunity to experiment with different ways of telling stories in a constantly changing digital landscape.

Two of my favorite digital projects from this year were The Good Life and Six Miles Out.

As photographers, our focus isn’t just about the moment anymore. In today’s world, our jobs have become a cocktail of brainstorming, setting up assignments, shooting photos and video, gathering audio, editing, updating that to a post or into a project that’s a collaboration with a handful of other editors and reporters, then sharing it all out to the world on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, among others.

After all that, we review what we do and look for different and unique ways to present our work. The editors and management at the BDN have made it a priority to innovate so that we can continue to be leaders among news media.

It’s a job that involves constant change and, at its heart, is about sharing stories. Although it’s not for everyone, I love it and thrive on the constant fluidity of what we do.

Photojournalism through still photography is the reason I started in this career and the part of this job that is most dear to me. Over the next week or two you’ll see some great work by all our photographers on staff at the BDN. The slideshow above shows some of my favorite photos that I had the opportunity to make this year.